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Ecostrip 600 - 25 litres

We are please to offer Ecostrip 600 highly effective water based, thickened emulsion paint remover. User/environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.  It is safe for use on most surfaces including wood, stone/brickwork and metals and can also be used for stripping plastics.  Formulated for brush/roller or spray application. 

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Ecostrip 600 Paint Remover

We are pleased to offer the Ecostrip 600 paint remover which is highly effective, water based and thickened emulsion.  It is user and environmentally friendly as it is a non-toxic and a biodegradable product. The product contains aromatic alcohols, citrus terpenes, amines and wax odour retardants.  It offers very low VOC emissions, is a non-ozone depletant.  It is not regulated by authorities for transport, storage or health and safety.

Ecostrip 600 is safe for use on most surfaces including wood, stone/brickwork and metals.  It can also be used for stripping plastics.  It is highly recommended that a small area is initially tested for compatability in all instances.

This paint strippping product has proven to be more effective and efficient than the previous RemovAll range on wood, masonry and metals.  The product has also been incredibly successful in removing powder coating from steel within 3 hours.  This product has no UN number for transport.

It has been very successful removing various coatings from aluminum substrates.  No detrimental effects were shown on the underlying aluminium substrate.  The product will take varying times to remove coatings depending on what they are.

The product has a 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture.  It is non-hazardous for transport.

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These 25litre drums are delivered by specialist carrier

The product is formulated for brush/roller or spray application where immersion operations are too costly or impractical.

Ecostrip 600 is a UK manufactured product.

This product is more effective than and replaces the previous NAPIER/RemovALL products (RemovALL 220, 320 and 520).  It is NOT a replacement for RemovAll 600, it will soften GRP/Fibreglass substrates and we do not recommend it for this type of substrate.

Larger volumes available by telephone order.

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Works in approximately 45 minutes on wood and metal substrates and approx. 1 - 2 hours on powder coating removal from steel substrate depending on the weather conditions.  The colder the weather/conditions the slower the action, the warmer the weather/conditions the better the chemicals work!

The product has now been tested for removal of M.O.D., tank paint and successfully removed this within 45 minutes.